After reporting on this story for more than a year, there is still a lot we don't know. We have been unable to speak with the only person who knows for sure what happened inside 202 Reserve Place, until now.

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In the second half of the 27-page letter Tody Todt sent from jail to his estranged father, Tony describes what he found when he returned home the morning after his children were killed.

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On June 19, 2020, Tony wrote a letter from jail to his father, Robert Todt. In 27 hand-written pages, he catches Robert up on his family's lives leading up to the murder, and describes the night they died in great detail. Tony also says he is innocent of both the murders and the health care fraud, and lays the blame on someone else.

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We hear Tony's voice for the first time, in a series of phone calls from jail to his sister. Tony says he was not there the night of the murders, and places the blame on someone else.

The murders of the Todt family in the Disney-developed town of Celebration, Florida, impacted a community once founded on neighborly engagement. Some Celebration residents saw the tragedy as a wake-up call, a reminder that darkness may be present behind the happy facades we see on the outside.

Scenes from the public memorial service in Celebration

Video of the special prayer service at Community Presbyterian Church

Almost 40 years before Tony Todt was charged with killing his wife and children, his father Robert Todt was convicted of hiring someone to kill his wife Loretta, Tony’s mother. Tony was just four years old and was home the night his mother was shot in their home in Pennsylvania. Loretta was shot in the face but survived. Robert, who still maintains his innocence, reflects on how this traumatic event led to his son’s fate and recalls the details of his own arrest and trial.

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Before he was arrested on murder charges, Tony Todt was a man deep in debt and in trouble with the law. A federal health care fraud investigation into his physical therapy practices found a brazen false claims scheme. Patients and employees of Tony recall a visit from the FBI to Tony's offices and the unceremonious end of Family Physical Therapy, with Tony fleeing to Florida.

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Tony and Megan Todt were high school sweethearts. Tony was voted most likely to succeed by his classmates. Friends described Megan as a ray of sunshine. Yearbook photos, text messages and social media posts portrayed a perfect, happy loving couple. No one who knew Tony and Megan can make any sense of the tragedy.

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Friends and family were not the only ones looking for Tony Todt. On January 13, 2020, federal agents went to the Todt family's home in Celebration, Fla., to arrest Tony on charges of healthcare fraud. When they entered the house, they made a disturbing discovery.

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